Cooking w/ Luv

I'm setting up a blog to share the stuff I cook.

I had to convince myself to use the title "Cookin w/ Luv" because it sounds really cliched and cheesy. I'm a big believer in the necessity and powerful impact of love, especially when it comes to cooking. I don't believe cooking is just preparing food - it's part of a relationship. Maybe it's just with yourself or maybe it's with friends, family or coworkers. But it's not just about the food and so it can't just be about the technical.

So this blog is devoted to cooking with love - and everything it involves.

I try to post without looking back. I think people should say what's on their mind with as little self-editing as possible. So I try to stick with that here and limit my impulse to make everything sound perfect or to always find the right words. If I sound jumbled or rambling at times, chalk it up to filter-less spewing of what's pouring out of my head.


  1. Happy 2nd birthday! Your blog is very interesting with great recipes. Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks Alida - I appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you enjoy :)


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