Tools and Tips: Apple Corer/Dicer

Apple Dicer and Corer for Apples

I've decided to intersperse some kitchen tool blogs to explain why I list these items on the right-hand side of my blog. It'll take a while to get through all of them (there's a lot of tools on the list), but the good news is, I'll clearly label them (like this one) and space them out. If I train myself to use my camera more frequently, I'll even include pictures...

Now, just a clarification:

I get absolutely nothing from anyone for writing any part of this blog. No money, no freebies, no favors, no gifts. Nothing. So if I'm including it in my blog (and taking the time to write about it), then it's because I firmly believe this kitchen tool will help you.

In one of my prior blog posts I gushed over how much I love this tool. It's great for making anything involving apples or for just prepping an apple to eat. It cores the apple as it cuts the apple into 8 wedges, without wasting any of the apple (well, maybe a little bit at the top and bottom). In 5 seconds, you've got apple wedges ready to eat or cook/bake with.

Diced and Cored Apple

Like most tools, it's got a few limitations:

  • Doesn't work as well on mis-shaped apples and may end up wasting some apple
  • On big apples, doesn't always remove enough of the core and I wind up having to do some manual trimming
  • It takes some arm strength to use on really crisp apples like granny smith - you may need to join a gym
  • The resulting apple wedges are generally too large for pies (at least the ones I make) so you'll end up doing some slicing

Unlike some of the kitchen tools on my list, this one is pretty cheap (around $8 at Walmart, $9 from Amazon or up to $12 from Bed Bath & Beyond). I got mine from Walmart and have had no problems with it (had it for about 3 years). It's worth the investment - now you can save your apple-prep time for making homemade ice cream to top your apple pie.

Here's a link to the Amazon search page if you're interested:
Apple Corer/Dicer Amazon Search