Tools and Tips: Apple Peeler

So I wanted to blog about my apple peeler and I realized it would only make sense if I first took a picture of it so when I talk about the “blade” you don’t think I’m referring to some kind of samurai sword. I guess this will be my first blog with pictures, but I look forward to having more of these. Something to distract the eye is always welcome.

Since I’m doing these kitchen tool blogs rather sporadically, I figured I’d do them in alphabetical order as they appear on the right-hand side of this blog. That way if you miss a few blogs and suddenly I’m on kitchen tool starting with the letter “y”, you can always go back and read about the other “b” through” “x” tools without wondering which ones I may have covered without you.

The last kitchen tool I blogged about was the apple dicer/peeler. If you’ve got that tool, you really should also have this one. If you’re making pies or applesauce, having one without the other is like having apple pie without ice cream - why bother?

This apple peeler looks a little unwieldy and cheap, but it works surprisingly well every time. There are four strong suction-cups at each of the four corners of the peeler to keep it anchored to the table. Once anchored, you just secure an apple on the four pointy metal tines and crank the handle. The blade arm automatically works its way around the apple and strips off the skin.

The nice part is, it takes all of 10 seconds (maybe less) to peel even a deformed or lopsided apple. And if it doesn’t peel it perfectly, you can always to a little touch-up with your knife after you’ve cored and diced with your apple corer/dicer tool. This beats peeling an apple by hand any day.

In terms of durability, I’ve had my peeler about 2 years and have used it frequently to make pies and applesauce. I have not yet needed to replace the blade (although mine came with a spare), nor have I had any problems with the suction-cups or hand crank. My peeler does tend to squeak when in use, but a 10-second-squeak doesn’t bother me.

This tool is also inexpensive. You can get one like mine for about $15 bucks from Amazon. You might be able to find it even cheaper if you shop around.

There are all kinds of apple peelers out there, but most I have never seen in action or tried. So if you use a different tool to peel apples, let me know how it works for you.