Chocolate Money Food Poisoning

gosh, it's been a week since i posted and all i really have to show for it is a half-eaten chocolate cake (well, maybe a little more than half eaten), a bout of food poisoning, and a $113 i didn't have to earn. but i really haven't done much with food this week (unless you count hummus which feels more like button-pusing than actual cooking) and my own lazy complacency is starting to eat away at me.

it's not just laziness. there was the food poisoning that my bf and i woke up with on sunday. he blamed the half-n-half, i blamed the chicken, and now we're both blaming the mixed greens. but who knows what it was because it could possibly have been any of them. after 2+ days of nausia and general lethargy, i didn't feel much like food period, let alone hardcore cooking. (although, baking never seemed to lose it's appeal and tomorrow i'm trying my hand at whole wheat pita...)

when i get sick (food poisoning or virus), i can never stomach the stuff that should be the best for me like veggies and fruits. all i can eat is the really terrible stuff - arbys curly fries, chick fila sandwiches, taco bell. although considering how much chocolate cake with buttercream icing is left, i guess there are limits on even what "bad" foods i can eat. maybe the link here is food that's not really food at all - stuff that's so over-processed, so saturated in transfats, and so devoid of nutrients that my body doesn't have to do anything except pass it right along to the other end...

but i think the food poisoning is past (although i'm not sure what caused it, so there may yet be more to look forward to if the greens were involved), so now i want to get back to chocolate cake. i tried making my first layered chocolate cake last week and it tasted good enough, but i wasn't happy with the icing and the cakes didn't rise high enough in the center so the entire cake looked as if a center support beam had collapsed under the ponderous weight of icing (it had a concave top instead of a nice dome). i think i know what the problem is (batter needs more baking soda to offset the buttermilk and cakes need to bake longer before checking), so i need to try it again. thus, i need to finish the current collapsed cake so i can make room for yet another.

and once i get this version right, i have another idea for chocolate cake i want to try before i post a recipe. which means at least two more chocolate cakes will need to be made. seriously, what am i going to do with all this cake? i mean, i think i can pawn off some on my unsuspecting coworkers (or at least those not reading this blog), but i suspect even the least discriminate office scavengers will quickly weary of chocolate cake.

so if you're in the area and you're feeling buttercream-ish, let me know or tweet me and i'll hook you up with cake. only you probably shouldn't reveal where you live because once i move on to cupcakes, you may discover unmarked flour-dusted packages arriving on your doorstep.

now how do i transition from chocolate cake to finances? this has nothing to do with cake, but i've got $113 i didn't have to do a thing to earn. i've recently tried to become more financially responsible (yes, i'm harping on responsibility again). i hate money, i'm bored with the very concept of money, but since i haven't yet achieved my dream of a money-free life, i'm coldly embracing money as a responsibility.

but i can't really take credit for $100 worth of the $113 because that i randomly won for completing a survey. i never win anything when i complete stuff like that, so i don't really expect the cash to successfully make it into my hand. but in theory, it's $100 i didn't have to earn (i don't consider filling out a 4 question survey to be earning anything).

the $13 was credited to me as interest. although the very concept of money (something abstract in and of itself) earning money on itself is ridiculous to me, but since i'm told it's important to have money, i feel it's probably in my best "interest" to enlist money i've already earned to earn me more money. see how ridiculous it sounds? but i've got an extra $13 in my account as proof that money can do the work for me, so i'm all about finding ways to make my money work harder.

so besides searching for new food ideas, i'm casually pouring over every bank website searching for better interest rates and more frequent compounding. i'd like to think that in a few years, instead of waiting to randomly get selected as a survey winner, i could just wait for my monthly interest credit and watch those ben franklins pile up in my account. i'm still confused about how this free money works, but i'll only complain if i can't get it.


  1. If only you knew someone who had a birthday last weekend...

  2. *scratches head* i can't think of anyone. :)

  3. glad you're better - i don't think i've ever had food poisoning that i can think of - cast iron gut, i guess! peace, Al

  4. Money making money is an abomination -- in fact, I think that shit's in the Bible, even.

    I'm thinking of trying to declare bankruptcy, personally. There's something about screwing over Citibank to the tune of $16,000 that makes me wiggle with glee. There might be downsides, though, I'm told.

    As to cake: for my birthday, Mom bought me pans and bowls. I've still got three weeks of school and finals, but subsequent to that, I want to start baking things. This means that 1) you've got three weeks to get that chocolate cake recipe down for me, and 2) you should consider a trip to Pittsburgh after May 14.

  5. i'm hoping i'll have a choc cake i'm happy with my next week. i've got to decide what's working and what's not and then just refine it.

    so if we come down to pittsburgh sometime after may 14, does that mean you'll bake me a cake with your need pans and bowls? :)

  6. Well, I'll bake a cake WITH you ...


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