Dough Boy

yesterday the world was out of control: bp is still destroying the world's ecosystem, one greedy barrel at a time; i'm still not working out, thus contributing to my mounting anxiety over my appearance and health; tilapia is generally farmed in terribly polluted waters off the coast of china, thus destroying my happiness with pan-seared tilapia; i'm overwhelmed by by job and insecure in my career; i'm craving truly loveless, processed foods like chocolate milk, hotdogs, and velveeta cheese.

to summarize, yesterday my world was going to hell in a hand basket. then i discovered the power of dough.

i was in the kitchen - feeling very sullen about needing to cook - and i pulled out the container of oiled pita dough chilling in the fridge. the dough refused to fall out of the container, so i angrily grabbed the dough. just like that, i'm not exaggerating, i felt better. the world's still going to hell in a hand basket, but i've still have cool, oiled dough that somehow calms me down and reminds me of what's important. (love)

squeezing soft dough between my fingers, sifting flour through my fingers, rubbing olive oil over a rounded ball of dough, gently pressing the wood rolling pin into the puffed disc, inhaling oven heat... i don't understand it, but dough makes life better.

when bp barfs oil all over the gulf of mexico, there's oiled pita dough. when i feel ineffective, frustrated, and overwhelmed by my career - there's sourdough. when i want to curl up and stare mindlessly at the tv, there's doughnut dough. when i forget how to love, there's houska dough.

pizza dough. pita dough. french bread dough. whole wheat dough. potato dough. sourdough. rye dough. houska dough. focaccia dough. pastry dough. doughnut dough. cinnamon raison dough. pick a dough, any dough. life will suddenly be better.

does something in the kitchen do this for you? tell me about it...


  1. It might be butter, which is probably bad in some ways, but still. Y'know what'll help this recipe? An extra chunk of butter. Y'know what'll help me feel better? An extra chunk of butter. Y'know what'll make the world a happier, tastier, more comfortable place? Another chunk of butter. Potatoes become something you want a swimming pool full of, so as to lie in and amongst; vegetables become not "good for you" but "good"; sauces thicken from watery and uncontrollable on the plate to creamy and noodle hugging with just a dash of flower added to the soft, slippery butter ...

    Mmmmm ...


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