Food Competition

last week i traveled to a little city in michigan for business. it was a two day trip but because i'm always thinking about food (or at least thinking about eating food), the most memorable part of the trip was my lunch - pulled pork from this amazing little hole-in-the-wall bbq joint that reeks of smoked meats and sauces.

this pulled pork was like nothing i've ever eaten. it was a pile of shredded meat so tender and so smokey and so full of deliciousness i don't think i could ever eat pulled pork again unless it comes from this little spot in michigan. the cole slaw was awful, the biscuit was awful, and i didn't see any sweet tea (and that's awful because pulled pork needs sweet tea!), but meat that good doesn't need dressed up cabbage or dried out breads. best. pork. ever.

all this raving about pulled pork just proves how limited i am when it comes to food. i don't travel much (and only internationally if you count mexico and canada) and i don't expose myself to a lot of different restaurants or even food choices. it's not that i'm opposed to trying new stuff - but if i have to pick between something i already know and enjoy vs something new and potentially disappointing, i often pick what i know. clearly, not too adventurous.

that works for me. i love when i discover amazing new foods (like smoked pulled pork from a little town in michigan), but i also love enjoying foods i've already discovered again and again (like smoked pulled pork from a little town in michigan). same thing applies to my cooking: i enjoy testing new flavors and new recipes, but i also love making stuff i've already tested over and over. adventuring into new territory is all good, but for me, the comfort and memories of favorite foods is even better.

so i'll never be a foodie or some kind of food expert and i don't think i'd ever want to be. i don't care about the 7,000 different types of cheese (i do, but...) and i won't be the first person to visit a new restaurant in town (let the guinea pigs report back first). i'm much more interested in the connection between food and love and food and life. i'd much rather collaboratively share and tweak recipes with family and friends, rather than flaunting new discoveries at a torrid pace. let me be an expert on sharing food - someone else can be the foodie.

now that i've said all that, i'll sound like a hypocrite because i've agreed to a (mock) food challenge between myself and my friend D. his wife and my bf will pick the secret ingredients and then each of us will have a set amount of time to create some dish. no clue who will serve as an impartial judge of the end results, but it doesn't really matter because neither one of us will really care who wins - it's all about the creativity and fun. and yeah, although most guys don't like to talk about loving their friends, it's all about love. neither of us would participate if we didn't "love" the other.

i'm not sure when this food challenge will go down, but maybe i'll be able to post pics and the final recipes with the secret ingredients. then everyone can come up with their own impromptu versions and share the results.

my next post should be choc cake. i'm making the last test version tonight. so if i show up on your doorstep with cake, i expect to be tolerated...


  1. Make sure you do a video and produce your first home cooking challenge.

    Hey, if you've never tried North Carolina BBQ, you've got to do that. Now, bbq in NC only means pork and the sauce used is unlike any I have ever found anywhere else. It isn't like most bbq sauce that people think of. Check out Smithfield BBQ website for more details or just search nc bbq and you'll learn a lot most likely. Some of the cooking by the local home grown people in NC was unlike any food I've ever had. And I only know that because I lived in NC for like 8 years.

  2. no promises on a video - i'd have to get permission from my friend first.

    i've never had NC bbq, although i wouldn't be opposed to trying it. but i'm thinking this would make a good excuse to actually visit NC at some point. :)


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