Lost Week

i'm counting last week as a "lost week" for cooking and blogging. i did some minor cooking, but between the leftovers from memorial day, leftover hummus, leftover pita, plenty of salad, and raw veggies, there really wasn't room in the fridge for more food (not that lack of fridge room normally stops me). i was also feeling lazy last week - and that's not a good thing. i didn't feel like cooking, i didn't feel like blogging, and i didn't feel like doing much of anything around the house. thing is, when i don't "feel" like doing something, that's generally when i should be doing it because otherwise i slip into a perpetual funk of continuing to not want to do things...

i suspect my "lost week" got its start from 4 days of yard work during memorial day weekend. my bf and i spent truly awful hours outside fixing up the planters around the yard, digging up a billion 2-inch maple trees (roundup doesn't kill those bastards), transplanting daffodils (which may die anyway), and spreading mulch. i try to console myself that this grueling work only comes around once a year, but that's once a year too often.

so by the time memorial day was over, my mind wanted to slip into a mental vegetative state that work won't allow. thus, the lost week for cooking and blogging.

all that said, i did wrap up tweaks for two more recipes. i don't like to call what i do "testing" because that implies there is a single, perfect goal to aim for. but for these two recipes, i'm content i've found flavor and texture combinations i enjoy.

one is a recipe for broccoli cheddar bacon salad. every summer holiday (or at least most of them), i end up making this salad at the request of friends. actually, my bf originally used to make the salad and it was the one thing he was allowed to make (or rather the only thing he would agree to make!). but recently i decided to experiment with the changes in flavor, texture, and ingredients so now it looks like my bf will retire from cooking completely. of course with all the pots, pans, knives and cutting boards i pile in the sink every night, he won't have time to cook anyway.

the second recipe is for blueberry muffins. just like pretty much every other recipe i post, this is a comfort food for me. growing up, it was always a treat when my mom would bake blueberry muffins (my dad tried once but the muffins were not a success!) so now i make them when i need something to cheer me up or when i want to share a special moment. my version of blueberry muffins are almost like little unfrosted cupcakes with blueberries. i have made the muffins with a glaze, but i think they're plenty sweet on their own. i actually crave these piping hot with salty butter melting into the fluffy crevices...

but i'm not posting either recipe today. i need to proof-read these recipes and prep them for posting. and then i probably should take pictures before i post. of course, that would mean making these all over again because - silly me - i didn't take pictures the last time i made either. i've got to make pic-taking part of my cooking process.

now, i just have to convince unsuspecting friends or family to take the extra food off my hands :)