Starving Behind my Laptop

I'll try not to share too much about my day because otherwise eyes will start to glaze over and I will lapse into obsessive descriptions of minutia. And it can all be summed up with one word: starving.

Yesterday I set about updating all my online real estate which as admittedly suffered from 12 months of neglect. I reskinned my blog, took a crack at completing my LinkedIn (does it bother anyone else that LinkedIn feels like a race to competition to build connections?), updated my Twitter & Facebook profiles, and re-tooled my Tumblr account. And as should have been obvious by the overwhelming number of Facebook posts yesterday, I tied all my accounts together in every way I could manage (mostly, Twitter feeds everything).

So what could I possibly have left to work on today?

Being the recluse that I am, I decided it was critical to add Facebook "Like" buttons to my blog and my Tumblr profile. That way, when you visit my blog or Tumblr, you can click the Like button and let all your friends know that you've discovered something worth sharing (granted, it may take you a while to find something of mine worth sharing). And I'm sure for many, many bloggers, adding a little snippit of code to their page would be easy-peazy.

Not so much for me.

Actually, adding a Like button to my blog was easy(er). Granted, I didn't really know what I was doing (shocking!) but Google provides a built-in widget for adding HTML code to pages. Dear, sweet Facebook provides simple script code that can be dropped into Google's widget. So putting the two together and tweaking the code a few times resulted in a successfully operating Like button. You cannot imagine how pleased I was with myself when I clicked the button and it actually worked. That whole process probably took 30 minutes.

Adding the Like button to Tumblr was a wee bit more challenging - a lot of it is probably just me and my lack of coding skill. But after investing 4 hours, I've concluded it's mostly my over-dependence on Google for answers. After (multiple) unsuccessful attempts to add the Facebook script code to my Tumblr profile using a method similar to the one I used on my blog, I decided to concede my ignorance and search Google for answers.

I found multiple blogs with suggested methods for getting the Facebook Like button to appear on Tumblr - and to those blog authors' credit, they did manage to add a Like button to my Tumblr. But what none of the authors' seemed to grasp was that I don't want the same Like button to appear on multiple Tumblr posts. For example, let's say I post a picture of a set of Pyrex Cinderella nesting mixing bowls.  Then for some reason you decide to click the Like button and share the picture with your friends. Then you decide to look at more pictures I have posted - and you suddenly see that your "Like" is next to EVERY picture I have posted. To me, that just seems wrong.

So I spent the next 4 hours experimenting with different instructions I found through Google, only to finally conclude that either it's not possible to add an individual Like button for each Tumblr post - or that I lack the skills to set it up correctly. So I took the easy(er) route and added the Like button to the right column of Tumblr rather than at the bottom of each post. I haven't given up - but somehow food seems for important than a silly Like button.

Which brings me back to starving: I haven't eaten since my bowl of oatmeal this morning so I'm physically starved - but despite my determination to add Like buttons, I'm not starved for attention. Adding the buttons is simply meant to make it easier for you to share content (because I love you 4 hours worth). Like has become so ubiquitous it's almost impossible NOT to include it - but I'm determined not to watch the Like counter. That's not why I'm blogging and it shouldn't affect when or what I post. In fact, Like is so ubiquitous it's almost meaningless. We "like" just about everything - but do we leave comments? Do we send messages? Do we take the time to think about why we "like" something?

So enjoy the Like button if it gives you a little rush to click it (or if you genuinely want to share something on Facebook), but I'm moving on. Mostly because I'm starved.