Basking in LED Backlighting

Today was another 10 hour day-job work day, so no new recipes. Besides, I have something new to distract me.

I finally can bask in big-screen LED-backlit flatscreen 3D glory and I at long last have a set of six newly scavenged French White Pyroceram CorningWare cookware - and I don't know which excites me more. The only thing that could possibly excite me more would be a set of cast-off Pyrex Cinderella nesting bowls in Gooseberry pink or Balloons blue. 

Fortunately, with ridiculously extravagant 55 diagonal inches of flatscreen beauty (and a kitchen that open into the living area), it's possible for me to enjoy both CorningWare and tv simultaneously which daydreaming of Gooseberry pink. Tonight, for instance, while attempting to whip up a batch of crispy whole wheat oat waffles with homemade strawberry syrup, I could catch bits of Paula Deen and How I Met Your Mother.

Yet rather than staring directly at the tempting glow of the TV, I've found it's power less addictive if I keep my hands distracted with cooking - some French White Pyroceram does the trick quite nicely. Because I have a tendency to get hooked on the sweet comfort of an utterly blank mind glued to a screen that coaxes relief from a body I didn't realize was far too exhausted to get up off the couch.

With a screen this size, and with so may connections at my fingertips (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Apple TV) - if I succumb to this power, I may never cook again. And I might get into bickering matches with my bf over who should get up for another quart of ice cream. And I might never make it to bed, sleeping alone night after night on the couch, until nothing matters except the steady glow of LED bulbs.

But when the tv is off and the 55 inches of screen is black, I know what I love. I love the creation of food - and I love sharing it. And a sprinkling of new CorningWare and Pyrex never hurts. And I suppose the occasional, long, drawn-out stare at a beautiful glowing screen across the room couldn't possibly hurt every now and then. 

Oh yeah - yesterday's chocolate cheesecake tasted delightful so I just need to get the cooling technique down. The spinach lasagna was good, just a smidge too much pepper.


  1. Those nesting bowls in pink? red? they are gorgeous! I have never seen that color before! I think I need a set as well!!!

    Hope you are doing well my friend!


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