Getting Healthful: Week 1

Yes, it's a muffin-top, and I don't like looking at it either

I'm on a mission to get healthy again out of love for myself, love for my bf and out of an cultivated sense of social responsibility. I want to drop 20 pounds, swim 2 miles nonstop, and complete a 5k. I've wanted to accomplish these things for the past 24 months, yet somehow waiting for healthy to reassert itself over my voracious appetite hasn't produced successful results.

True, I've started working out at home again. That's a step in the right direction. True, I've tried to once again eliminate fast food and sugary drinks - another step in the right direction. But between chocolate cheesecake, lemon coffee cake, peach pie, homemade ice cream, ultimate grilled cheese, fettucini alfredo and the occasional trip to our local Cinema Cafe loaded with chicken fingers and french fries, I have yet to drop even a smidgen of weight.

Giving up all those favorite foods isn't going to happen. Ever. I refuse to live on salads, kale, oats and beans - eat them, yes; live on them, no. My love affair with Italian cuisine is far too strong and I just couldn't give up chicken, scallops and shrimp.

So I'm turning to a crutch and asking you to keep me honest. When I was serious about maintaining my weight back in 2008, I tracked everything I ate on an smart phone app created by It kept me honest about what I was eating and how much I was eating. It kept me from snacking on random tidbits throughout the day, and it motivated me to try and move the needle on the scale.

Here's how the app works: you enter your weight and age, set a weight loss goal, and then if you eat so much as a celery stick, you track it. If you exercise during the day, you track it and you earn back the proportional number of calories. But once you hit your calorie limit for the day, you stop eating. And if you don't cheat, the weight slowly does come off.

To keep me honest, I'm going to start blogging weekly updates on my healthful progress. I'll post my weight, update you on my exercise regimen, and provide any techniques I use along the way. I've been waiting for "things to settle down" long enough - it's time to make a permanent change for the better.

Here's my stats for this week:

Weight: 178.6 lbs
Next week's goal weight: 177.6 lbs
Goal weight in 6 months: 150 lbs
Healthful Goal: Drink 6 glasses of water per day

If you'd like to connect with me on, check out my profile: I'll be tracking what I'm eating and what I'm doing for exercise every day. So help keep me honest and heckle me if I give up or start cheating!


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