Making Connections

My sister is visiting us this weekend and our friend E will be dropping in next weekend - I'm so happy I get to see them and spend time together and it's a reminder I need to work harder at building and maintaining connections with people - those I love and those I have yet to meet.

I know all the right ways to remain connected: trips to visit people, frequent phone calls when I can't be there in person, Facebook/Twitter/text messages for those times between phone calls. Yet I find myself avoiding the phone and making up excuses as to why I shouldn't call - not enough time to talk, not enough energy, nothing to chat about, they might be busy, wrong time of the month, the list goes on. I don't plan trips because it might become too expensive. I don't post comments on strange blogs because they might not be appreciated.

Yet if I want friends and family to visit, if I want to be able to visit them, and if I want to ever build new friendships, I have to work harder at this whole connecting thing. I say connecting because that's how relationships are formed - two people find a connection in common, something worth preserving and sharing. Sometimes it's a common interest, sometimes it's a common purpose, sometimes it's a bloodline. And sometimes these connections strengthen and develop and turn out to be be, dare I say it again: love.

Or, as in my case, those connections start to fizzle and fade because I don't bother to make phone calls  or plan trips or schedule plans with people. Or connections are never built because I don't bother to post comments, respond to texts, or retweet interesting posts. It's partially laziness, partially fear of rejection, partially a fear of not knowing what to say. 

For the sake of love, it's time to pursue connections. A text message. A blog post. A phone call. And dare I imagine it - a trip to visit someone! I just need to reach out and be open to making that connection.


  1. I personally hate talking on the phone. Texting, tweeting, Facebooking, all of that is sweet - even emailing, I suppose. But talking on the phone ... it just seems so last century.

    You're always welcome to visit us up in Pittsburgh - and if you leave the guest room door ajar, you'll get kitty love.

    On the other hand, I don't think I'd mind a visit to your place at all - aren't you awesomely close to the ocean, now?

  2. Thanks for the open invitation, Sabrina - when we're back in Pittsburgh to visit, we'll come a-knocking :)

    And yeah, we're about 30 minutes from the beach - just far enough away to avoid all the tourist traffic for daily stuff. You're welcome any time!


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