I'm a Bad Uncle

Those are my siblings. The bad uncle in the one in the yellow t-shirt. And that picture is really old.

In January, when my bf accepted a new job in Virginia Beach, life changed radically for seven months. We ripped up carpet, remodeled a bathroom, finished a kitchen, and brushed on so many coats of paint I can't begin to explain my abhorrent fear of painted trim. Then came the open houses, the finger-biting buyer walk-thru's and the desperate pleas on Twitter (yes, I whored-out my house shamelessly on Twitter).

And while all that was happening, my beautiful baby niece arrived. (I'm a very lucky guy: I now have 8 wonderful nieces and nephews and two adorable adopted nephews.) Sorry, no pictures of humans too young to defend themselves!

Now that the house is someone else's charming abode (sold in June) and we've mostly unpacked our lives into the new apartment, it's time for a long-overdue trip to meet my not-so-baby niece. I just wish I had taken the time when she was born to make the trip - half-painted houses are no excuse for missing out on holding my infant niece...

This blog is supposed to be about love and I write lengthy posts about it all time time. Yet with my own niece, I seem to have completely jumped out of the boat. I let everything in my life crowd out the most important part of life - that love I crow about over and over and over until you just want to vomit. I should have been there when she was born, and I wasn't. Proof, I guess, that ideology is useless without action.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful sister who is married to a wonderful brother-in-law and they are graciously having my bf and I down to visit this weekend. And if I know my sister, there'll be food involved. Very, very good food. Food she might generously just let me fiddle with while my bf hogs my nieces (seriously, he is sickeningly good with kids).

And in between bouts of guilt on the drive down, I hope to carve out a list of recipes to test next week. I foresee a great deal of chicken, possibly some kind of pie, definitely sugar cookies, and likely something involving bread. But 9 hours is a long drive, offering ample opportunity for new whims.


  1. Your list looks fabulous. It looks like there is some serious potato eating in your near future. Enjoy that baby too!

    P.S. Your blog is glitching with the comments. It deleted mine initially. Now I know it's going to do that and I can copy and paste it into the new pop-up window.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up and ::ROOOAAARRR:: Ok, I'm going to investigate. Perhaps these new Blogger dynamic templates are buggy yet...

  3. oh she will forgive you no worries have a fun weekend with your family Rebecca

  4. Hey again, just so you know, it's technically glitching on the first screen, before this one pops up. The embedded comment screen is the one that erases the comments. Once you hit submit, this pops up and the comment section is blank again. I haven't seen this issue at all on the blogs with the new format that have embedded comments without a separate pop up for commenting.

    Does that help? or make sense?

    At any rate, have a GREAT weekend and enjoy your time away!

  5. Great job on the remodel...no wonder it's off the market. And have a wonderful visit with your niece and family~

    PS...love your cooking list :)

  6. Ah, I don't know what happen to my comment! I just said don't worry you have LOTS of time to make up for it with her :)

  7. A big thank you to everyone for all your feedback and wishes. I truly appreciate it - especially your bothering to plow through this commenting trainwreck that is Blogger's new dynamic template. My own workaround will be in place just as soon as I have wifi access again for my laptop. ::nashes teeth::

  8. I'm sure your family is just fine with your life being busy and the fact that it worries you sounds like you're a great uncle! I look forward to your recipe testing!

  9. Thanks Ann. It's been an awesome trip so far :)

  10. Dude, here is how you make amazing mashed potatoes:

    Get yourself some potatoes. I like Yukon Gold, but there are those who advocate a fluffier potato, and they like Red. So, your choice: more fluffy or less fluffy.

    Boil the potatoes. You can peel them first, but I feel like this just leaves out fiber and nutrition for no reason.

    Mash them with a stick of butter and some heavy whipping cream. Yes, I said heavy whipping cream. The mashing is up to you - I like lumpy, Ted likes smooth. Since I make the potatoes in this house, guess who mostly eats lumpy potatoes?

    Salt to taste.


    Alternatively: don't have an extra stick of butter? Use half a tub of sour cream. Consider a sprinkling of chives.

    And you can always melt cheese into them - the butter should decrease as the cheese increases.

    This is a completely unscientific, untested, and unmeasured recipe, but no one has ever complained.

    Serve with peas, if you like to make a little pea volcano on your plate.

  11. These mashed potatoes very much remind me of the topping for your scintillating (can I use that word to describe food?) vegetarian shepherds pie.

    And you see, it's the testing and measuring that I specialize in - because once I've found success, I like to replicate that success over and over and over and over ;)


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