Playing Hooky: What I Love and Hate About Blogging

Today I'm locking myself away in a happy place and desperately attempting to catching up on my NanoWriMo writing goal of 50,000 words by the end of November. I'm at just over 9,000 right now so I must devote more of my love to writing rather than cooking. If you'd like to read a sample, check out my Warrior Writ blog (and you may want to start with this post).

Only the 9,277 count...

So I'm taking this opportunity to share talk about my blogging experience. Because after several years of intermittent blogging about a variety of different distractions, I've come to realize two things:

1) I love blogging
2) I hate blogging

Let me explain:
  • I love waking up with an idea, story or recipe and furiously typing it up and hitting publish
  • I hate proof-reading every what I've spent hours writing
  • I love sharing what I've learned with other people - it makes me feel like I'm helping
  • I hate petty competition and turf-marking - everything is NOT a competition
  • I love liberating my personality online
  • I hate how frequently I put my foot in my mouth
  • I love developing genuine friendships with new people
  • I hate when I mistake "followships" for friendships
  • I love forcefully sharing my ever-morphing perspectives
  • I hate when I offend anyone
  • I love sharing every moment of my life via Twitter and Tumblr
  • I hate how easily I remember to share nothing
  • I love how beautifully Blogger's new template has transformed my blog
  • I hate how how the new Blogger is riddled with bugs - kills comments, hides follow options, worthless search feature, no mobile support, etc
  • I love heart-felt comments
  • I hate when Blogger deletes them
  • I love the countless channels for sharing and discovering: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, Flickr, Stumbleupon, Amazon, etc.
  • I hate how disconnected these channels remain - I still can't get Twitter to post to Google+
  • I love how I can blog from anywhere at anytime
  • I hate how I can blog from anywhere at anytime

  • I love when realize I've inadvertently made a difference
  • I hate how rarely that happens
  • I love how blogging is like a mirror, forcing me to look at my life
  • I hate to admit how frequently it's a mess of procrastination and indulgence
  • I love how easily stories and memories inspire me to blog
  • I hate how torturously difficult it is to pick every word

  • I love reading and commenting on other blogs
  • I hate my painfully slow reading skills
  • I love posting every day
  • I hate how little else I get done at home when I post every day
What do you love about blogging? 
What do you hate?


  1. Wow, that was like reading a mini autobiography of you, kinda cool! I love the word followships, so true, but some followers I have have become genuine friends I think, I always ask myself, would I go to dinner with this person. Dinner to me is a very personal time eating and drinking 2 feet away from the other person/s, and of course you have to talk so that adds to the comfortability feel.
    Blah blah....

  2. I've been blogging since February 2010, posting once a week. Can't quite believe it! I love it, for the most part, and am a little surprised at myself when I feel disappointed about something like a post not getting as many comments as I would have expected or when I feel a twinge of envy when someone who has been blogging a shorter time is getting dozens of comments on every post. I don't feel competitive, it's just that another blog's progress might be an indicator of where I might reasonably expect to be at any given point.


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