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Cannellini Beans and Goat Cheese Tart w/ Oat Flour Crust

On Tuesdays, I take a break from me and focus on someone else. Which is a lot more fun and rewarding than obsessing over myself. Over my recipes. Over my endless need to prattle.

So on Tuesdays, I feature an original recipe from another blogger: I make the recipe following the author's directions, I snap a few pictures, I taste the result - and I share everything I love about the recipe.

Today's Tuesday Tutor: Shop.Cook.Make
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My Tutor for today was Yadisa from the beautiful Shop.Cook.Make blog. Her food arrangements and photos are incredible and her recipes are straightforward and uncluttered. If you don't already follow her blog, what are you waiting for?! Last time I checked, it's awfully expensive to send engraved invites...

About the Author: 5 Fun Facts
  1. "I drink everything with a straw (except Beer)"
  2. "I think I'm the only person in the face of the earth who doesn't like wine"
  3. "Born and raised in Puerto Rico. The beach is only five minutes away!"
  4. "I think cheesecake is the most delicious, most perfect dessert"
  5. "Blogging takes about 4 hours of my day (but I love it!)"

I was particularly captivated by Cannellini Beans and Goat Cheese Tarts - because I'm always on the lookout for new ways to eat beans. And who wouldn't want a tart? The beans and goat cheese is so creamy, it's hard to believe they can actually be called healthful! The following is my attempt to recreate these tarts - make sure to pop over and try this recipe yourself:

Author's photo: I am not capable of such elegance...

Original recipe courtesy of Shop.Cook.Make

I started with dry beans. Cause I despise cans. And BPA.

Cooked beans - took a little over 1 hour

Drained and cooled - and sampled!

Made oat flour by grinding oats in food pro

Combined oat flour and kosher salt for crust

Screwed up and added too much oil. And no water. GRRRR

Used mini muffin tins to shape tart crusts

Somehow lost fresh oregano. So used fresh parsley and dried oregano

See? Goat cheese + beans = heaven!

All those specks? I love me some black pepper

I couldn't wait for these to cool.
And I think the extra oil made these crumble

Thoughts while scarfing...
  • Yadsia recommended sprinkling the leftover filling with grated parmesan cheese, baking in the oven, and serving with toasted bread - I highly recommend; especially if you have some homemade baguette lying around ;)
  • I found I needed quite a bit of salt as the beans are quite bland - about 1 teaspoon kosher salt. I also chucked in quite a bit of pepper cause I like it
  • Oat flour definitely needs the salt - be generous
  • I randomly considered tossing a wee bit of parmesan cheese into the crust to help bind it - but managed to restrain my cheese-addicted self
  • My bf doesn't like goat cheese. Good news is, I got to eat all the tarts. And when I make these again, I plan to see if he likes them with mascarpone instead
  • These are filling! I suspect it's the oats - I'd estimate no more than 3 per person at one time ;)

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  1. These look excellent and your right, who dosent like a tart??

  2. Me like! especially the oat tart base. Interesting flavours, don't like goat cheese. going over to check out shop.cook.make now

  3. I'm so glad you both enjoyed the post and please do make sure to visit Shop.Cook.Make for more :)


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