Passing the Torch: Liebster Blog Award

Wait. What?

You think I should get a Liebster Award? You're joking, right Jen?

You do realize I flaked out and never got back to you regarding your short story. And that I haven't written a single line of fiction since the end of November. And that I'm always so preoccupied with my life that I NEVER check Facebook and keep up with friends. You do realize this, right?

Because I'm feeling incredibly guilty and very much the bad friend right now. And I'm terribly embarrassed to admit that I'd never even been to your blog until you sent me the award. You see? I really don't deserve the Liebster Award.

A Liebster Award is supposed to go to new bloggers with fewer than 200 followers who are worthy of recognition. ::loud cough:: In fact, the award is generally believed to have been derived from the German meaning "beloved" or "dearest". ::fit of coughing:: There's been a mistake, methinks.

And, Jen - thank you.

Everyone, my friend and writing conspirator Jen from Author Jennifer James blog has graciously found my blog (and friendship) to be worthy of a Liebster Blog Award. I am flattered, humbled, and deeply grateful. First and foremost, please show Jen some love - she's an overworked mom with a serious talent for writing. Whenever I need a kick in the pants to get back to writing, I can count on Jen to be there kicking!

There are a few rules guidelines for a Liebster Blog Award and they go something like this:
  1. Show some love to the person who bestowed this award on you and provide a link back to their blog. In fact, you really should drop by their blog and leave a personal thank you, send them a big box of homemade goodies, and always include a big bottle of lemon pledge limoncello (just for you, Jen!) Love you =)
  2. Proudly display the Liebster Award badge on your blog - who doesn't love a little tacky bling bling?
  3. Pass the torch and present the Liebster Award to at least 5 other noteworthy under-loved blogs with fewer than 200 followers (what is meant by "followers" is unclear in todays web of social interconnectedness, so interpret as you see fit); Let your recipients know they have been awarded by posting a comment to their blog
  4. Resolve to be a better blogger worthy of having received the Liebster Award (actually, I made this up, but it certainly applies to me!)
Now I get to pass this award to 5 noteworthy but under-loved bloggers. Do yourself a favor and visit these friends of mine. Not because you have to and not because you need followers. Visit them because you want to make a new friend.

To be honest, picking 5 blogs that should receive this award was easy. Stopping at 5 blogs was excruciating and thus I have rebelled (as I frequently do against any kind of rule). I am passing the Liebster Award to 10 blogs that deserve more love (and isn't that the point anyway?):

Noteworthy Friends with Under 200 Followers (by my estimates)
  1. Sabrina from S&S Blog: Sabrina is my good friend from college, a terrific cook, an excellent and engaging writer, and a witty conversationalist. She and her friend Sarah write a wonderful and varied blog on everything from food to books. Excellent and enriching reading all-around.
  2. Ismael from Smiley's Kitchen: I've only been following Ismael for a few months, but I'm in-love with his rustic and unpretentious cooking. He's unafraid of spice, he never panders with useless decorations, and he blogs straight from the heart. Moar please.
  3. Wes from Life Through My Eyes: I met Wes on Twitter and we quickly found a common interest with food. However, Wes' blog is not really about food - it's a collection of random fragments of his life. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I scratch my head - but I always go back for more. Did I mention he's an aspiring chef?
  4. Mai from A Cup of Mai: Don't let the incredible beauty of Mai's blog scare you - Mai has to be one of the sweetest bloggers I've met who also happens to be extremely gifted with cameras and natural lighting! She was one of the first foodie bloggers to befriend me and I'm still not sure why... But I'm just going with it.
  5. Danielle from Consumed, My Culinary Adventure: I recently featured Danielle as my Tuesday Tutor for Lime Curd Tart because I admire how she manages to blog effortlessly - concise, fun to read, down-to-earth, and friendly. I aspire to one day achieve such a blogging technique :)

More Noteworthy Friends (with crazy # of followers)
  1. Jamie from Life's a Feast: I discovered Jamie's well-crafted blog about 4 months ago and fell instantly in-love with her "Homebaked with Love" message - it was like I had discovered a kindred spirit! And as should be obvious by my gushing comment on her blog, I couldn't help but follow her blog. Besides, she's an accomplished and insightful writer who manages to go beyond glamourous food shots...
  2. Gerry from Foodness Gracious: Gerry is personable, creative, and talented. He's always making something original, his photos are ever artful, and he talks TO you in his blogs rather than AT you. And really study his photography. Just studying those photos will improve yours =)
  3. Lizzy from That Skinny Chick Can Bake: Lizzy is one of the most approachable and friendly bloggers I've met - and she is a food machine! She is always baking or cooking something new, she is often participating in one or more food challenges - and somehow everything always looks amazing! Even more surprising, Lizzy finds time to connect with her followers. Honestly, I don't know how she does it - she clearly knows a secret I have yet to learn.
  4. Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker: I met the "Baking Addict" on Twitter and it's been non-stop fun ever since. She's an incredibly supportive and chatty friend, always checking in to remind me to be sociable! She's a fearless baker, always ready to attempt any challenge - and most recently she joined my from-scratch Made with Love Mondays with her banana skin cake! It behooves you to become friends with the Baking Addict :)
  5. Stephane from Zen Can Cook: I'm not even going to pretend Stephane has even heard of me or my blog, but I'm an ardent admirer of his work. Gorgeous food, phenomenal plating, inspired pairings - and it's all a one-chef effort! I'm not easily intimidated, but yeah - Stephane's mastery of food is intimidating.
Thanks again to Jen and now I charge YOU to take the time and share the Liebster love.


  1. Thank you so much for the award. And look, now I've heard of you and your blog. :) Very much appreciated and thank you for reading!

  2. You crack me up. Not mad at you at all about that short story. In fact, you don't even have a current version anymore. LOL.

    In good news, I queried it last week and two days later got a request for a full from an editor with a publishing house! Huzzah! Perhaps it will get pubbed. :)

    And, I will totally take a box of homemade goodies, but the limoncello you are welcome to keep sir. May it never pass these lips again. (Ugh. Barf.) But what a fun night that was, eh?

    Oh, and as far as my blog goes, it's not like I pimp it and shout it from the mountain tops. I have a face book author page too, but again, not something I shout about. Not too good at the whole promotion thing. So you shouldn't feel guilty about not knowing it was there.

    I totally love your blog and I think you deserved a Liebster. <3

    1. Thank you again, Jen ::blushes:: And I do hope your story gets published - and it's really just a question of when, not if ;)

  3. Well, all I have to say is that I am truly honored with this award of appreciation. I try to think that I am just trying my best at providing some great insight with nothing more than the love of cooking. In the words of Sally Field...You like me! You really really like me!! :P

  4. THANK YOU so much!!! I was out of town this weekend so I'm WAY behind reading comments, but was thrilled to see you honored me with this wonderful award!!! You've made my day!

    1. You bet, Lizzy! Love your blog and you totally deserve it.

  5. Congrats to you on your award! And thank you so much for passing the award along!!! Can't wait to pay it forward! :)

    1. Thanks Danielle, and you're quite welcome. I can't wait to see who you select (more blogs for me to discover)...

  6. You do indeed deserve the Liebster Award! You are honest, generous and so sweet! Your comments and tweets brighten my day because they are always from the heart. I am always thrilled and honored when you feature anything from my blog or send me a tweet. And it has been ages since anyone awarded me anything so this is extra special and I thank you very much! xo


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