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Food Fetish Friday: Featured Foodie 6/15/2012

Food Fetish Friday

The Food Fetish Friday series has featured food from over 250 unique bloggers in the past 9 months. Without these bloggers' hard work and dedication to outstanding food, Food Fetish Friday couldn't exist. So I have devoted a new section of Food Fetish Fridays to the bloggers to make this series possible and it's called Featured Foodies.

Featured Foodie posts are a chance for us all to meet the real people behind the food. Every Friday, I select and interview an amazing foodie who has been previously featured in the Food Fetish Friday series. We'll discover what makes these foodies tick, where they find their food inspiration, and gain valuable insight from their experiences. And of course, we'll drool over their food!

Please welcome this week's Featured Foodie!

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Amy is a competitive runner who happens to be a vegetarian passionate about baking as well as cooking. She enjoys experimenting with new recipes and trying to revamp old classics to make them healthier without sacrificing taste - as well as creating some new fabulous dishes!

Q&A with Javelin Warrior

JW: When did you start blogging? And why?
Amy: I started blogging because I was always sharing my recipes with friends on Facebook and with customers in the deli where I work. So I decided I needed to share with a wider audience. I love being able to help people eat better and teach them how to make new things. Also, it is fun for me to be able to come up with new ideas for recipes that can be shared!
JW: How - or where - do you find inspiration for your food creations?
Amy: I find inspirations for my recipes in many places. I sit and read cooking magazines for hours and daydream about recipes while I am out running or while at work. Inspiration can also come from personal experiences, people around me, or dreams. Also, a lot of times I will randomly think of a flavor combination I would like to try out, then think of a dessert or dish it might be good in.
JW: If you had to pick just one favorite food to make over and over again, what would it be?
Amy: If I had to pick just one thing to make over and over again, that would be easy - cheesecake! I am obsessed with it lately and have made one about every week for the past couple months. Lately however, I have been experimenting with raw vegan cheesecakes and those are even better than the classic dairy ones... So addictive I could eat half of one in a sitting if I wasn't careful.
JW: What kind of camera do you use?
Amy: I use a Digital Cannon Rebel XT for my photographs on the blog. It is actually my dad's camera that I have sort stolen (borrowed, but I have had it for about 5 years and he is not missing it). He is a professional sports photographer and he has all the good camera equipment.
JW: Your food and photos are an inspiration to me - and I'm sure to many others - but who inspires you?
Amy: Gourmet magazine has always inspired me with their photos. I admit, sometimes I just page through just to look at how beautiful they are! I hope to someday have that sort of photography skill, but I have a lot to learn!
JW: Based on your personal experiences, what 3 cookbooks would you recommend right now?
Amy: The first two cookbooks I would recommend are oldies but goodies. Moosewood Desserts (or all of the Moosewood books for that matter) and The Passionate Vegetarian by Crescent Dragonwagon. These two cookbooks taught me to cook when I was in college and have wonderful vegetarian recipes! I used to borrow them from the library so much that I had to buy them for myself. Also, lately I have enjoyed Bon Appetit Desserts, just paging through to get inspired by all of the delicious flavor combinations in their recipes.
JW: What advice or tips for success can you offer other bloggers?
Amy: One piece of advice I would offer to other bloggers is to write about what you love on your blog. Don't be afraid to share personal experiences along with your recipes, and don't be afraid to try making new things to share with your readers.
JW: When you're not in the kitchen or working on a blog, where would I find you?
Amy: When I am not in the kitchen or working on my blog (which is most of the time since I work in a deli kitchen), you will find me out running or out for a walk most likely. I am not one that sits still - and I love to be outdoors! I also love to go try out new restaurants and get inspired...

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  1. Thanks again for featuring me on your blog! I am honored to be able to be included in Food Fetish Fridays among all of the other wonderful creations by other bloggers :)!

  2. Amy is truly someone that is really in the zone when she creates. It is reflected in each and every one of her posts. I know I can pop by her blog and always find something unique, stunning and delicious. This was a great interview Javelin, always nice to know a fellow blogger a little bit better. You two enjoy the weekend!

  3. Amy is a girl after my own heart, I love cheesecake, too! Looks like I have some new recipes to try out.

  4. Great interview with Amy!!!

    Amy, your photos are always amazing...and I never tire of your cheesecakes :)