Homemade Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Close Up of Bite from Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich


Fear Conquered: Ice Cream Sandwiches

A long while back, I shared a post (it was really a rant) about how I believe really decadent food should never be easy or fast because then we would all eat too much of it. And I argued we should always make food from scratch rather than buying shortcuts because it will help us curb our intense cravings for crazy decadence.

It's a good premise and I firmly believe it. But deep down inside, I'm still the 17-year-old kid who snuck off to the local gas station every other summer afternoon to buy an ice cream sandwich from the little bin of assorted frozen treats. And who ate the whole sandwich in under a minute. And the same kid who decided it was a good thing he had purchased TWO ice cream sandwiches so there'd be one to savor on the walk home...

Two Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

As devoted as I am to making food with love from scratch, there's times when I just want the easy convenience of tearing open an individually wrapped ice cream cookie sandwich. And even though I love my other half and everyone else I cook for, sometimes I don't want to spend 2 days baking brioche or 3 hours on apple pie or 2 hours on chocolate cake (stupid chocolate cake that forever mocks me!). I just want to grab that cookie sandwich and devour. In under a minute.

And today so I give you homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches. Super easy to make, utterly satisfying, completely from scratch and so comforting you'll completely forget about stupid chocolate cakes that brazenly mock you. The trick is having the forethought and wisdom to prepare these sandwiches in advance, wrapping each sandwich individually and storing a stash in the freezer. Because you never know when that ravenous 17-year-old may sneak back in search of pre-made instant gratification.

Sadly, this ready-made stash of homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches may not last as long as you naively intend. And as you devour sandwich after sandwich, you may recall that I did say that such decadence really shouldn't be so easy.

Bite of Homemade Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

A couple notes about these sandwiches:
  • Homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches require two things: homemade ice cream and homemade cookies. For me, that's never a problem because I'm always making a new batch of ice cream and lately I always seem to have cookies in my freezer. If you don't already have homemade cookies and ice cream hanging about, these sandwiches will take a bit longer to assemble...
  • I have recommended my favorite homemade vanilla ice cream and favorite oatmeal raisin chocolate chunk cookies for these sandwiches because the pairing offers a wonderful balance of flavors and contrasting textures. You could use another cookie or ice cream, but watch out for overpowering sweetness with some combinations...
  • Make these sandwiches in advance and make a lot of them. And then restrain yourself. Homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches do require a bit of waiting and wrapping, but if you make a big batch, it's really worth the investment of time
  • I don't roll my cookie sandwiches in mini chocolate chips because I hate how the chips turn into tiny shards of frozen chocolate. So I sacrifice a little decadence for toothsomeness. But that just means there's more mini chocolate chips left for everyone else.


Photo Tutorial

Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chunk Cookies for Sandwiches
Select 24 similarly sized cookies.

Scoop of Homemade Ice Cream on Cookie
Place one large scoop of softened ice cream in the center of each up-turned cookie.

Second Cookie Placed Over Ice Cream
Place a matching cookie on top of each scoop of ice cream and press down gently to flatten the scoop of ice cream slightly.

Two Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
Freeze the cookies for 20 minutes, then wrap in plastic and freeze for 3 hours.

Close Up of Bite from Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich


Homemade Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

    by Javelin Warrior
     Prep Time: 10 min

Ingredients (1 dozen sandwiches)
  1. Select 24 similarly sized cookies and place 12 of the cookies on a half-sheet pan, bottoms facing up
  2. Place one large scoop of softened ice cream in the center of each up-turned cookie on the half-sheet pan (I use a 2-inch ice cream scoop for this), then place a matching cookie on top of each scoop of ice cream and press down gently to flatten the scoop of ice cream slightly
  3. Place the sheet of cookie sandwiches in the freezer for 20 minutes to allow the cookie sandwiches to set; meanwhile, prepare the squares of plastic wrap for wrapping the sandwiches
  4. After the sandwiches are set, remove the sheet of cookies from the freezer and wrap each sandwich tightly in plastic wrap. Freeze the sandwiches for at least 3 hours before eating
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Hungry for Tips?
  • Homemade: The secret to awesome ice cream cookie sandwiches is the homemade cookies and ice cream. So take the time and make your own, even if you don't use the recipes I've recommended.
  • Cookies: You really could use any cookie you especially love for ice cream sandwiches, but these oatmeal raisin chocolate chunk cookies are especially good because of the marvelous texture from the oats contrasted with the creamy smoothness of the ice cream. And I love the chewy bits of raisin, the intensity of the dark chocolate and the spice from the cinnamon - all balanced against intense vanilla.
  • Semi-soft: You really need the ice cream to be softened in order to make sandwiches, otherwise the ice cream will not adhere to the cookies and either the hard ice cream will pop out the back of the sandwich as you bite down, or the cookies will crumble because the ice cream has not adhered and thus is not helping to hold them together.
  • Fresh Ice Cream: Because ice cream needs to be softened, I find the best time to make these sandwiches is right after I've made a batch of ice cream. After the ice cream has frozen in for 1-2 hours, it's still nice and soft but it doesn't melt too quickly. And it really adheres to the cookies when you re-freeze the sandwiches.
  • Wrap: Wrapping the sandwiches prevents freezer burn and it also allows you to save the sandwiches for up to 2 weeks in the freezer

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  1. Jen @ The Three Little PigletsJuly 26, 2012 at 1:45 AM

    I agree on the mini chocolate chips! They look cute, but end up hard as tiny little rocks... My kids opt for sprinkles every time!

  2. Gerry @ Foodness GraciousJuly 26, 2012 at 2:12 AM

    I have to get on board with making my own ice cream, just never seem to commit to a new maker...I feel some inspiration from you though :)

  3. Lorraine @ Not Quite NigellaJuly 26, 2012 at 4:13 AM

    These look so good! What I really like is the chunk factor in the cookies to give it a bit more texture along with the fact that it is home made :)

  4. They do look appealing. Want!

  5. Om nom nom nom!!

    These look deliciouuuuus!

  6. Things like this NEVER last as long as I think they're going to ;). They look fabulous...and I love that you used oatmeal raisin cookies. They're one of my top cookies...plus there's still some chocolate in there. Perfect!

  7. I don't blame your kids for opting for the sprinkles ;) I learned my lesson this one time ordering ice cream at Cold Stone where they had mixed in a bunch of the mini chocolate chips and just about cracked a tooth :(

  8. Personally, I love my Cuisinart ice cream maker - it is so easy to use and I've never had a problem with it for the 2+ years I've been using it. And an ice cream maker really does simplify the whole process immensely...

  9. The chocolate chunks with the raisins really do make these cookies - and the ice cream sandwiches, I think. I've tried this with chocolate chip cookies before and the sandwiches just didn't hit the mark...

  10. Thanks and I'm glad they appealed to you :)

  11. I'm so glad you enjoyed, Heather! They're one of my top cookies too - and with the addition of chocolate of almonds, they've really become my go-to cookie. I mean, I love a good chocolate chip cookie, but these cookies inch them out on texture and balance of flavors...

  12. All I can say is mmmmmm!! They look fantastic and I love the idea of oatmeal raisin cookies with ice cream :)

  13. Thank you so much, Jen - I'm so glad you enjoyed and I'm a big fan of the combination...

  14. A double dose of homemadeness (is this even a word)? Yes please!

  15. I'm good with the word, even if it doesn't really exist ;) And I'm so glad you enjoyed, Chung-Ah!

  16. 100% agree that these ice cream cookies sandwiches are always superb with homemade cookies and yours look fantastic!

    Btw, happy that you wish feature my chicken pie post in Fetish Fridays. Always a honour to be selected by you :D

  17. Thank you for the kind words, Zoe - and it's my pleasure to feature your beautiful little chicken pies. They're so darn cute!

  18. mjskit @ mjskitchen.comJuly 27, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    Oh man! Talk about an indulgence! Bobby's favorite cookie is oatmeal raisin and his favorite ice cream treat is the ice cream sandwich. I can't allow him to see this! :)

  19. Boy, I used to resemble that 17 year old. Still do, actually! But this is much better than store bought. We try to do the same thing - make our own whenever possible. This looks super - thank you.


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