Kindred Spirits and the Color Pink

Big Bang Theory

I want you and me to be friends.

I'm NOT talking about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Klout or any of the other social spaces. You don't need to subscribe to my blog, you don't need to leave me comments, you don't need to bestow an award on me. I just want you and me to become (better) friends.

Of course, that means we really need to get to know each other. So I've decided to start candidly sharing stuff about myself. And if you'd like for me to get to know you better, I invite you to share along with me. You don't have to be a blogger to participate and even if we're already good friends, I hope you'll still share with me. If there's a specific question you'd like me to answer next time, just let me know.


When I was a kid,
I loved pink more than any other color. I would always reach for the pink markers in Sunday School. And what I was coloring didn't need to correspond to the color pink either. I would shamelessly color in trees, flowers, animals, and clothes all in pink. I'm still a big fan of the color, although now I tell people my favorite color is blue. I'm not sure if that's true.

When I grow up,
I want to be novelist who isn't afraid of writing. When I was in high school, I would brazenly write any story that came to mind and they flowed so easily. And they were good. Now, I struggle so hard against my fear of writing the wrong word or sentence. I like to blame college professors, but it's really a confidence issue and so I guess what I really want is more confidence in me.

I used to love
  • Star Wars
  • Max & Ermas
  • Pontiac Grand Am's
  • Chick Fil A
  • Ina Garten
Star Wars Trilogy

I still love
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Lap Swimming
  • Johnny Depp
  • Anne Hathaway

There's one thing you should know about me,
I'm always feel insecure walking into dark rooms. Maybe I watched too much Murder She Wrote or I have an over-active imagination, but I always search for a light before entering a room. I prefer to think of this as a self-preservation skill, but it could very well be a phobia.
Dark Closet

So tell me...
What's your favorite color? And do you harbor a secret desire to become something else? Or any secret phobias or fears?

If you do not feel comfortable posting your answers in a comment but would still like to share something about yourself, feel free to email me or direct message me on Twitter.


  1. I think we're the same person... I used to have a pink pram that I pushed around full of toys... blame my mother... I also love Star Trek but would have to put Voyager as my favourite... I am afraid of small underground spaces... and that's me!

  2. I love pink and am now wearing my second pair of pink Converse hightops in 25 years (my sneakers last a very long time). Our last dining room was painted a deep raspberry color and I'm pushing for some pink in our new apartment. I am a fearless writer but I wish I was braver in selling myself and my writing. Putting myself in front of other people is what is daunting to me (it sounds like you need to attend a Plate to Page workshop, my friend!). I love Charles Dickens novels and I love murder mysteries. I love watching trashy chick flicks and romantic comedies; no I correct myself. They have to be good and smart not silly and clich├ęd.

  3. I love pink, too, but I think red edges it out as my favorite. I am a closet Young and the Restless fan... What a fun post!!!

  4. When I was a kid, my fear was that I couldn't do anything. I was told (from a battery of tests), that I would end up as a chef (or in the culinary arts). I couldn't accept that so I proved them wrong. After getting a master's degree and working in education for 10 years, I moved into the private sector. Throughout that time, I continued to cook. Love to do it. Now that I have the blog, it seems that I can still enjoy cooking, enjoy it with friends and family. I still love: Mexican (all food), going to the gym, Cole Porter songs (and the singers who sing them), my other half and more! I used to love: tejano music (I would have to explain that one), vests, and too many sweets (moderation is the key). Oh, my favorite color(s) blue and green (but can pull off wearing pink...cuz real men wear pink :) )

  5. It is hard for me to pick a favorite color, although with that said, I love Yellow! For me, it is more about having plenty of bright colors around me. My closet is a rainbow of bright colors.

    I can barely enter a dark room or a dark house. If were going to be gone after dark, we leave a couple of lights on. I have actually just gotten where I can sleep at night with only a nightlight on in the bathroom and no other lights on in the house. However, if I had to go downstairs, I'd either have to turn every light on as I go or just not go down there in the dark. If I go outside at night, there has to be a light on.

    I love stuffed animals and tend to treat them as well as rocks, trees, plants and other things as alive as humans are. I talk to my pets just as if they are humans and listen. Everything in the world is alive in my mind.

  6. A pink pram - see this is the kind of stuff I hoped I'd learn! And Voyager is one of my second favorite Star Trek series - I love Captain Janeway, but Picard just edges her out ;) Dark underground spaces are terrifying - I was in Puerto Rico with Boyfriend Javelin and we found this dark tunnel in one of the old Spanish forts on the island and we went about 10 feet into the utter darkness before I freaked out and we had to turn back ;)

  7. Pink Converse high tops sound awesome - with little white stars on the side to contrast with the pink? And I'm sure the raspberry dining room was intense - I must admit I've never been brave enough to paint any room a really bold color. I blame my mother for instilling beige and pale blues into my color palette for walls... I envy your fearless writing - I'm better when it comes to blogs, but my novel terrifies me! I'm sure Plate to Page would be very helpful - scraping some pennies together should be my first priority ;) I can't say I love Charles Dickens (I've never made it all the way through one of his novels), but I do enjoy chick flicks and romantic comedies. Except for a lot of Nicholas Sparks movies - I find them too predictable and cliched...

  8. Wow, you might be the first person I know who loves red as a favorite color (I think my friend Dan might also have that as a favorite color). Do you prefer a really fire-engine red or more of an Empire "Coke" red? I have actually watched the Young and the Restless a few times (back in high school), but I don't actually watch any daytime TV anymore except for Murder She Wrote reruns and the occasional Martha Stewart...

  9. You know Izzy, for the longest time I was afraid I'd never figure out what I wanted to do or what I'd become. My two older sisters always knew exactly what they wanted to become and were passionate about it since a very early age (and gifted enough to be successful at it), but I had no clue. I admire you having the perseverance to get a master's and working in education - I personally hated school (high school and college) and couldn't wait to be done with both! I blame it on mild undiagnosed ADD, but who knows... I do love authentic Mexican cuisine, but don't get to enjoy it very often. I need to look up Cole Porter as I'm not familiar and I'm curious why tejano music is on your list of "used to love". Sadly, I almost never wear pink. Although I really think I could pull off pink shoes. My skin color doesn't handle pink so well - although lavender works perfectly fine ;)

  10. Ooooh, yellow! That's a good one and I can actually wear that color if it's not brilliant yellow-yellow. I used to sleep with a night-light as an adult and growing up I used to need to have the door cracked to the bedroom otherwise I was terrified that something in the closet would get me. It was very real to me and I guess the night-light eventually replaced the cracked door. After I met Boyfriend Javelin, I finally got oven the fear and started sleeping without any lights on... And share your love for stuffed animals - they were my protectors when I was young and terrified of falling asleep ;)

  11. Loved reading more about you! I love pink too :) And I have a weird thing with shower curtains, especially at other people's houses. I have to pull them back to check and make sure that I didn't just lock myself in the bathroom with an ax murderer hiding behind the curtain.

  12. Loved reading more about you! I love pink too :) And I have a weird thing with shower curtains, especially at other people's houses. I have to pull them back to check and make sure that I didn't just lock myself in the bathroom with an ax murderer hiding behind the curtain.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing, Katrina, and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Protecting yourself from ax-murderers is an important self-preservation skill and frankly, I'm all for it - because we don't know where they might be hiding. Seriously...

  14. First of all: SHELDON!

    My favorite color is red :)

  15. You're the second person today to tell me that red is your fav color - I had no idea it was so popular. So what kind of red? Empire, fire engine, ...? And yes. Sheldon!

  16. Lorraine @ Not Quite NigellaJuly 18, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    It's wonderful to get to know you better JW! And I'm the same about walking into dark rooms! And that is so cute about your pink story! Just darling!! :D And I have to say that I'm currently obsessed with the Big Bang Theory. I love all of the characters but of course Sheldon has a special place in my heart :D

  17. I'm so glad you enjoyed, Lorraine - and Sheldon is my second favorite character right after Amy Farrah-Fowler ;) As for pink, there aren't many pink things I own today, except for a bright pink camcorder from a good friend who knows me so well :)

  18. I love the color pink as well! Although it is a toss up between pink and orange, they are both lovely! I have a bit of a fear about jumping into dark deep water, like in a lake. I can swim, but it freaks me out. Also, (and I noticed someone else said this so it makes me feel a bit better) I am afraid of what is behind shower curtains. I used to always look when I went into the bathroom at my house even though nothing was there...

  19. I like really intense orange, both in color and flavor. The bolder the better. And as much as the colors do clash, I love the combination of bold orange and bold pink - they're almost hypnotic together... Deep dark water is scary - there's no getting around that. I swim just fine, but there's no telling what's IN that water - like snapping turtles and snakes and leeches. Yeah, I have an active imagination :O

  20. Carrie @ Bakeaholic MamaJuly 18, 2012 at 6:09 PM

    Favorite color is red or green... or teal. I can't really make my mind up! I don't really have a secret desire to be anything that I am not already. I am content being a wife, mom, and foodie. MAYBE someday when the kids are all in school I will do something more with my love for food. Not really sure what though... As for a secret fear, I'm scared of death. Really scared of driving off bridges with the kids in the car... I think about it a lot. Morbid I know... perhaps it's my subconscious telling me that I'm scared to be alone or something? But yeah that's a bit about me. I so loved this post and think it takes guts for people to open up about this kind of stuff on their blogs for the public to read. So kudos to you my friend!

  21. At one point it was so bad I had to sleep with all the lights on in the house, every door was open. Otherwise, i couldn't step foot in the place or begin to sleep. I'm not as bad, but I hate the door closed at night (hate any room door closed for that matter). My stuffed animals sit in my room watching out for me and my cats are close by which helps. I love bright colors - don't know why, but I do.

    I feel like if we ever got the chance to hang out in the kitchen, we have a lot of fun because it feels like we share similar experiences in life. I'm still afraid of the dark though... and sometimes of other people around me even if I trust them.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing, Carrie - I love learning about the bloggers I follow... You're now the 3rd person who responded with red as a favorite color and I'm seeing a trend. I like the color teal, mostly because it's not green. I don't know why I don't care much for green - it's not like I'm adverse to the color, it's just...there... If I had kids, I can only imagine what my imagination would do to me - all kinds of worries and fears for their safety and security. I've never been scared of driving off bridges, but I do kinda double-check railroad tracks really carefully before I cross them... I don't particularly want a train to meet the side of my car...

  23. I definitely think we'd have fun in the kitchen together, Don - as long as I wasn't trying to make something really serious. I have a bad habit of being super controlling in the kitchen if it's something I'm trying to make perfect. Which really isn't a good way to cook at all and I sometimes need someone like Boyfriend Javelin or other friends to snap me out of it ;) Should be about the love...

    And with your life experiences, I can only begin to imagine why you might prefer to keep doors open and guardians close. And trust is something I think that has to be earned and maintained. Sometimes I'm bad about maintaining it...

  24. I love having pink hair. I did for a year once, and it was basically the best decision I've ever made: I absolutely loved having pink hair, and I think I looked really good with it, too -- it brought out my eyes. I don't have pink hair now because I'm like, "Well, I have to look kind of professional, blah blah blah," but actually, my job has absolutely no dress code, so I'm not sure what my problem is, other than insecurity. I think I'm falling for some sort of size bias, because the one year I had pink hair was the one year in my life I was much thinner, and I think in my head I'm like, "Well, sure, skinny girls can have candy colored hair, but it would look weird on a fat lady" -- age, too, because I was much younger then. But both of those are bullshit reasons, too, and I really should just do it. My husband liked it a lot, and occasionally asks me when I'll have pink hair again, even.

    I'm afraid there's no afterlife. My phobia is very existential.

    And I used to love Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich, and it's really disappointing to me that now I only really like it when I'm drunk. The same thing happened to all fast food for me. I never ate a ton of fast food, because it's bad for you, but when I was younger, it was this great treat when I did. Now -- I think it's all the homecooked vegetables -- I don't even like it much anymore. Which, good, I guess, but also Sad Face.

    Be tee dubs, Lekkers = Sabrina.

  25. I don't think I ever saw you with pink hair, but I hope you do go pink again because I think you'd definitely pull it off. You have the attitude to sport pink and be fabulous about it. And you're right - weight and age are BS reasons not to color your hair as you choose.

    I believe there is an afterlife but there's sometimes fear of "Does God hate me?" Most of the time, I'm very confident of the answer and know God loves me. But it's those 15% days where I'm afraid...

    I was never crazy about Wendy's spicy chicken, but I do love their new asiago chicken with ranch (or something like that). Like you said tho, I almost never eat fast food because it's so terrible for me. Although Boyfriend Javelin and I have been frequenting Firehouse Subs entirely too often ;) And in some ways, it does make me a little sad that I no longer take joy in all the greasy goodness of fast-food...

  26. My turn - I love blues & greens & combos of the two (But you knew that already). When I was young I had a nightmare about the RR bus garage at the end of my street - my friends would come pick me up in a convertible & being the wonderful young drivers that we took the RR tracks at too fast a speed & crashed into the garage...I was so happy when they tore in down. Love Betty White so Golden Girls & Hot In Cleveland & of course Hawaii 50. Like to watch Star Treks any of them. Love to be in the water, swimming, splashing standing under waterfalls like at Disney World pool at Polynesian!

  27. YAY! You dropped by to share - that made my night! I do love blue which is why I tell people it's my favorite color, mostly because I can wear it, it look ok in it, and nobody looks at me goofy ;) I never heard the story about the RR bus garage before - we're gonna have to talk more about this one!

    And of course Betty White is awesome - it doesn't matter what she's in, she's just so much fun and such amazing comedic timing. I think Disney World needs to be on the list of places for us (you guys and Boyfriend Javelin) to visit...

  28. mjskit @ mjskitchen.comJuly 19, 2012 at 10:05 AM

    I hate pink! :) Even as a little girl I didn't like pink and refused to wear anything pink. Now red is another story. I love red; however, my nephew told me once when I walked out of the bedroom in a red bathing suit "Oh, Aunt Mary Jane! Red is NOT your color!" :) Oh well, even though I can't wear it, I can still like it. I too have a phobia of walking into a dark room. My husband knows this so depending on his mood he will either go turn on a light ahead of me, OR, if he is in a playful mood, go in - not turn on the light - and scare me when I reach for the lamp. A game we've been playing for more than 30 years! I love, love, love Star Trek Next Generation as well as X-Men and, I'm ashamed to admit it - the Twilight movies. I guess I'm big on the "strange factor". Fun post Javelin!!! It's always great learning more about my virtual friends. Now I need to read the other comments.

  29. I'm so happy you stopped by to share, MJ - that put a big smile on my face! And I guess red is a favorite of many - I had no idea... It's such a bold color (a lot like pink, I guess) that I didn't expect many people to love it as much. I love the little game you and your husband play - it's the kind of game that makes life worth living, even if I'd be tiny bit ticked each time I was scared out of socks ;) I love X-Men as well and I'm a fan of the Twilight series, although more of the movies than the books. And I'm not really a "team" Edward or Jacob - like you said, I enjoy the strange...

  30. Jane @ thehealthybeehive.comJuly 21, 2012 at 11:32 AM

    Hmmmm I don't really like pink, but I do like purple! Not sure why ... pink is just too pink for me I guess! I loved the Murder She Wrote reference .... I love that show!!! I'm also a Star Trek Next Generation fan .. but when I was in college we had a Star Trek Voyager "club" and we would all get together to watch it. lol! Since my name is Jane, everyone could call me Captain Janeway :)

  31. Thanks so much for sharing, Jane! Purple is one of my favorite colors as well, especially the lighter purple shades, like lavender. And I try to catch Murder She Wrote reruns most afternoons, although often I'm busy on other projects and only half paying attention and end up missing the "who dun it" part ;) Janeway is one of my favorite Star Trek characters and I think it's awesome you were in a Voyager club - I didn't see any Star Trek episodes when they originally aired and now I'm a wee bit nuts for them in reruns ;)

  32. So I read this blurb in Mental Floss recently about how pink used to be for boys and blue for girls. Apparently the general consensus was that pink is the stronger color and harder for girls to pull off, but pastel blue is not overwhelming and is always complimentary to the any complexion. Currently my five year old wants me to paint his blue room pink and were it not for the effort I would have to put into it, I would totally do it, as long as he was thinking more magenta than ballet slippers. Interesting about colors--you like what you like and you can't really change that.

    One thing I really like about reading blogs is getting to know other people and read about their lives, so bring on the personal slices of life. And thanks for being such an interactive blogger--I have always appreciated that you respond to comments and make it like a conversation.

  33. I'm not sure where I read about the pink for boys and blue for girls, but I do remember reading that and half-chuckling to myself when I read it because to me it made perfect sense. Of course, I'm biased because I love pink ;) I'm not sure how I'd feel about an all-pink room for myself today, but I would definitely have loved it as a child. It's so bold and aggressive...

    I also love learning about other bloggers - and just people in general. In person, I tend to be a bit more bashful and it takes me a while to really open up. Online...well...I guess I'm better at writing it out... I'm so glad you enjoy and I'm always happy when you drop by to share...


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