Made with Love Mondays: Week of 3/4/2013


Each week I host Made with Love Mondays as a weekly series to promote, share, and celebrate foods make entirely from scratch. Food without transfats, without preservatives, without food dyes, without high fructose corn syrup. Creative recipes shared by talented foodies. Browse Recipe Index

Special Update: You have all worked so hard and remained so dedicated to creating delicious food entirely from scratch. And I do my very best to make sure your recipes gain as much exposure as possible. Starting this week, I'm adding a new "Blast from the Past" random weekly feature to highlight previously submitted Made with Love Monday recipes. Using Tumblr's randomizer feature, I will select one randomly chosen recipe to feature each week. This featured recipe will be displayed here in the weekly roundup AND on the Made with Love Mondays series homepage. Enjoy!

Please also help me extend a warm welcome to this week's two new contributors, Metz from Yummy Metz and Belinda from Focus on Flavour.

Blast from the Past Random Feature

MJ's Kitchen: Carrot and Raisin Salad  |  Try Randomizer Again  How it Works

NEW From Scratch Recipes

Elizabeth's Kitchen: Carrot, Ginger & Quinoa Soup  |  More Featured Recipes

Piece of Cake: Purple Sweet Potato Bread  |  More Featured Recipes

My Little Italian Kitchen: Baccala’ (Salted Cod) with Leek and Potatoes  |  More Featured Recipes

Food Eat Love: Cured Salmon with Brown Shrimp and Citrus Slaw  |  More Featured Recipes

Canela Kitchen: Rustic Blackberry Tart  |  More Featured Recipes

MJ's Kitchen: Asparagus with Pecans  |  More Featured Recipes

Food to Glow: Tofu Shawarma  |  More Featured Recipes

Yummy Metz: Turkish Pea Stew ('Bezelye')  |  More Featured Recipes

Lori's Culinary Creations: Moist and Delicious Zucchini Bread  |  More Featured Recipes

Steph Loves Cake: Victoria Sponge Cake  |  More Featured Recipes

Focus on Flavour: Jerusalem Artichoke and Goat’s Cheese Gratin  |  More Featured Recipes

Food to Glow: Marbled Peanut Butter and Jam Banana Bread  |  More Featured Recipes

Piece of Cake: Homemade Pita Bread  |  More Featured Recipes

Vivian Pang Kitchen: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting  |  More Featured Recipes

Sweet and That's It: Corn Whole Wheat Bread with Raisins  |  More Featured Recipes

Thanks to ALL of the talented foodies who have made this series possible - your passion and creativity is treasured!

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  • Next week's theme: From scratch recipes featuring Rice
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  1. Good morning Mark! So are you having a good week? How's life Darlin? I love the feature you added to Made with love Mondays! It will be fun getting reminded of previous posts. You had some great posts last week. There are a couple that I'm definitely pinning. Linked up a stew this week. Hope you have a good week and thanks Darlin!

  2. kellie@foodtoglowMarch 6, 2013 at 4:22 AM

    Hi Mark! Thanks so much for including my two recipes. I am in some seriously tasty looking company by the looks of it. Once this crazy week finishes I will come back and start clicking on some links. And great new blast from the past feature too! Have a great day!


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