Made with Love Mondays: Week of 7/29/2013


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Thanks to ALL of the talented foodies who have made this series possible - your passion and creativity is treasured!

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  1. Good morning Mark! Hope you and Javelin had a fabulous weekend! Thanks for another wonderful week of great food!

  2. Oops, I always get mixed up with linkys. I should have called my entry Procrastination P√Ętisserie. Sorry about that

  3. We did have a good weekend, MJ - thanks for the wishes and I hope you and Bobby had a wonderful weekend as well... I'm so glad you enjoyed this week's collection...

  4. Well that sounds tasty, Mel... You can still enter it this week if you'd like ;)

  5. Another great collection! I'm so glad for your energy in putting these together. ;-)

  6. And I'm grateful to have so many regular contributors each week for this series. I truly overwhelmed and so happy to share!

  7. Bintu @ Recipes From A PantryJuly 31, 2013 at 3:59 AM

    Love the smoked mackerel salad.

  8. I'm so glad you enjoyed, Bintu! Kellie's recipes always look amazing and so healthful too...

  9. Nice to see so many salads, but my heart is really with those sumptious macaroons. Thanks for the round-up JW.

  10. Those macarons really do look incredible and I've been admiring them all week! I'm so glad you enjoyed the collection, Choclette...


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