Tuesday Tutor Vacancy


Each Tuesday I ask a friend to be my tutor for a day. I select one of their original recipes, I follow my friend's recipe instructions, I snap a multitude of pictures, I sample the results - and then I share everything I love about my friend's recipe. Learn More

Sadly, this week's Tuesday Tutor spot is vacant. I know. It's sad for me too. But, to be fair, bloggers are busy people, often with hectic and overlapping work, family and blogging commitments. So it's completely understandable.

This is actually good news for me - I have family here this week (so happy) and I'm barely keeping up with cooking (just how I like it!). It's also good news because it gave me another chance to reminisce over all the previous wonderful Tuesday Tutors I've met over the past 18 months. So today, I'm re-introducing three very memorable Tuesday Tutors from days gone by. If you haven't already met these wonderful bloggers, get to know them now. And if you want to discover other wonderful tutors not featured today, please take a look.

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Cookies Served

More About Ros, from Ros
  1. I love food even though I am a fussy eater.
  2. I started my blog as a hobby and a way to keep track of what I've made, to share my baking adventures and recipes and I am surprised at how much it has grown. I have discovered a whole new world out there :)
  3. I have a new found addiction for segways and would love to own one. For now I try to sign up for a Segway tour in every city that I visit.
  4. I cry at movies.
  5. The most adventurous things I've done are a hot air balloon ride and an underwater sea walk.

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Helene from Masala Herb
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Shakshuka Breakfast Overhead

More About Helene, from Helene
  1. I love discovering new cooking ingredients. It might be some fruits, veggies, meats or seasonings or anything else eatable (except insects!). I get double excited, if that new ingredient is mesmerizing and if I can use it in different ways in my cooking.
  2. My mum used to make Veg soup too often when I was a kid, now I have trouble just looking at it.
  3. I was a Vegetarian for 1 year. I tried, but its not for me! I was missing my European meats. *sigh*
  4. Cooking was my most hated subject in school and college time. Only in the last year of college I started to enjoy it. The teacher in the last year was a wonderful person, she kind of inspired us all. I discovered my love for cooking in India. I was missing all those wonderful European dishes and the restaurants here at that time just didn't satisfy my needs. So, I tried to cook wherever I used to stay, even though it was difficult and me and my husband couldn't live together because of the culture...
  5. Eating Indian food at the beginning was a torture for me! My body was not used to spices and I got quickly sick, I recovered but still, the chilli was too much... Eventually, my mother in law introduced me to some excellent dishes and I guess I just got used to it. Anyway, now I just love Indian food and the spice dimensions of this particular cuisine!

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Carla from Chocolate Moosey
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Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Slice Overhead
Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake

More About Carla, from Carla
  1. Despite what you may think, I never grew up baking with my family. Sure, my mom would make a cake from a box, but my passion for baking didn't come from my parents. In fact, I'm the one who inspired my mom to start baking from scratch this past year.
  2. I have a cupcake obsession. And I'm not just talking about eating them. I have a little glass cupboard in my kitchen filled with ceramic cupcakes. I have cupcake signs hanging up. I wear cupcake t-shirts. I even have a cupcake Christmas tree where all the ornaments are literally cupcakes (http://www.chocolatemoosey.com/2011/12/18/cupcake-christmas-tree-2/).
  3. I don't know how to grill. Ok I can grill hot dogs on my little propane grill, but I've never cooked anything else (except for eggplant last week - trying to learn!). I don't even know how to set up a charcoal grill.
  4. I have entered only two baking contests in my life. Both times I have won first place.
  5. One thing I do regret is not embracing my Italian heritage more. I never grew up with my grandparents, so I never learned any cooking from them. My parents didn't embrace it either, so I really missed out. Making homemade pasta is on my bucket list.

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