Made with Love Mondays: Week 1/6/2014


Each week I host Made with Love Mondays as a weekly series to promote, share, and celebrate foods make entirely from scratch. Food without transfats, without preservatives, without food dyes, without high fructose corn syrup. Creative recipes shared by talented foodies. Browse Recipe Index

Special Note: I am organizing an online bake sale to rally support for my niece, Harleigh, who is battling a Glioblastoma brain tumor. Anyone can participate in the bake sale in a variety of ways and I hope you will check out the official #Help4Harleigh Online Bake Sale page for details. Thanks everyone!

Help4Harleigh Bake Sale

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  1. Happy New Year Mark!!! I know I've been awol for a while from MwLM, but I'm back! Last week looks like an awesome collection of dishes! I linked up my my recent post in which I use Clementines or Cara Cara Oranges. Good timing!

  2. Always happy to see this feature! ;-) Thanks.


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