Baked Goodies for the #Help4Harleigh Online #BakeSale

Today I'm devoting every moment to baking for the #Help4Harleigh Online Bake Sale (starting Tuesday). As you know, this bake sale supports my 3-year-old niece Harleigh in her fight against a brain tumor. I've self-committed to three baked goodies for the bake sale and with less than a week to go, I've simply got to start baking!

2 Dozen Assorted Glazed Sugar Cookies
I have yet to find a sugar cookie I love more these crispy, sugary delights. Yet with all the rolling, cutting, glazing and decorating, I only seem to bake them for special occasions. But I'm personally baking, glazing and decorating two dozen of these for one lucky bake sale bidder!

Snowflake Sugar Cookies

3 Dozen Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chunk Cookies
As much as I love sugar cookies, I think I love these even more. They've got everything I love - crispy oats, sweet raisins, bittersweet chocolate and crunchy bits of almond. It's impossible to stop at just one! And whoever wins these cookies won't have to.

Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Creamy Chocolate Cheesecake
I'm actually kind of sad to be donating this cheesecake. Because every time I make it, I still can't believe it turns out so beautifully. It's like a work of art to me. But for Harleigh - I'll happily donate. To ensure creamy freshness, I'll be over-nighting this beauty to the lucky winner.

Chocolate Cheesecake Overhead

Modernist Cuisine at Home Cookbook
Well, I don't have to bake this last item. But the lucky winner of this cookbook will no doubt be cooking up all kinds of delicious and artful dishes! This is my personal copy of the Modernist Cuisine at Home cookbook and it's practically brand new (it was a gift to myself over a year ago but I've barely cracked the cover). It's such a gorgeous book - even if just for the pictures!

You can read more about the Modernist Cuisine at Home cookbook on Amazon, but it's filled with gorgeous photos, essential techniques and deliciously innovative recipes. If you're passionate about food or cooking, definitely check out this item when the #Help4Harleigh Online Bake Sale starts on Tuesday.


So what other goodies will be in the bake sale?

Drop back here on Saturday and you'll find out! You can drool over a tasty preview of all the goodies for auction in the bake sale. Like cookies, loaf cakes, caramels, cookbooks, cookware and more. Plus, you can meet all the wonderful bloggers, friends, neighbors and relatives who have donated so generously to help out Harleigh. They deserve big props for all the work they've done!

Want to help out?

There's still time to participate in the bake sale and lots of ways to help! I'm looking for more baked goodies, cookbooks and cookware donations as well as social promoters for the bake sale. Visit the Help 4 Harleigh page for more details.

And of course, on Tuesday, February 18th, you can bid on all the delicious bake sale offerings to win them as your very own!