A Letter to You

Dear friends,

If for any reason you feel compelled not serve me food, sell me a car, sell me clothes, rent me a room, bake me a cake, arrange my flowers or treat my wounds, I hope this post will encourage you to be truthful with me and faithful to your conscience.

Don’t worry about offending me. And don’t worry about my needs. Anything I have I received is an undeserved gift and all I that need is generously supplied by God. I don’t want to force any goods or services from you by exercising any freedoms I may have. It’s just stuff - and I can live without it. I would rather you spend your time joyfully serving others with a clear conscience.

Don't fret about retaliation. I won't retaliate. And since I don’t want to inadvertently cause someone else to pressure you into violating your conscience, I will do all I can to protect your reputation and good name. I won’t bad-mouth you or your business. I won’t boycott, petition or hate. If I’m frustrated, I won’t lash out. If I’m disappointed, I won’t guilt-trip. If I disagree, I won’t argue.

Don’t worry about my conscience - it is clear because of Christ. He died for me, defeated death, gave me new life and promises not to leave me alone - and he does not lie. Now my life - including my conscience - belongs to Him. And His command is to love.

If I force someone to violate their conscience - even to exercise legitimate freedom - how have I loved them? If someone cannot supply a good or service willingly - so we can both rejoice - I’d rather not ask for anything. And if someone finds it necessary to refuse to supply my need because of conscience, how have they injured me? Even if I am worse-off physically, I have a new opportunity to trust in God - so I am better-off still!

So be courageous and honest and don’t let me force you to violate your conscience. This is our opportunity to love one another - let’s make the most of it.

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