Made with Love Mondays: Week 6/23/2014


Each week I host Made with Love Mondays as a weekly series to promote, share, and celebrate foods make entirely from scratch. Food without transfats, without preservatives, without food dyes, without high fructose corn syrup. Creative recipes shared by talented foodies. Browse Recipe Index

Blast from the Past Random Feature

Green Gourmet Giraffe: Tofu-Bacon and Spinach Muffins  |  Try Randomizer Again  |  How it Works

NEW From Scratch Recipes

Searching for Spice: Asparagus and Lemon Risotto  |  More Featured Recipes

My Little Italian Kitchen: Chocolate Tart with Chocolate Mousse and Toasted Hazelnuts  |  More Featured Recipes

Supergolden Bakes: Banana Cake with Maple Frosting  |  More Featured Recipes

Slice of Me: Smoky and Spicy Lamb Burgers  |  More Featured Recipes

Fearlessly Creative Mammas: Homestyle Potato Salad  |  More Featured Recipes

The Dream Baker: White Lover's Cookies (Shiroi Kobito)  |  More Featured Recipes

Inhabited Kitchen: Spinach and Strawberries  |  More Featured Recipes

Hijacked by Twins: Mushroom and Black Truffle Spaghetti  |  More Featured Recipes

Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary: Chocolate Strawberry Pavlova  |  More Featured Recipes

Blue Kitchen Bakes: Luscious Lime & Coconut Drizzle Cake  |  More Featured Recipes

Bakewell Junction: Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse  |  More Featured Recipes

Food to Glow: Rose and Summer Berries ‘Skinnifreddo’  |  More Featured Recipes

Tales from the Kitchen Shed: Easy Bean Burger  |  More Featured Recipes

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