The Little People #100ThankfulWeeks

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Week 1

You’ve heard of #100HappyDays? Well, I stole the idea and adapted to fit my blogging schedule.

Every day is filled with reasons to be thankful. And yet the majority of my day isn’t spent being thankful. That’s got to change. God sent his son to save me - HUGE reason to always be thankful. And I’ve been freed to live a new life through Christ, released from fear, doubt, shame and self-reliance, equipped with love to serve others and blessed with all kinds of daily tasks and jobs to express my love. And that’s just the big stuff.

How about all the amazing little things each day? The simple, everyday stuff. The stuff I totally take for granted and just expect to be there. And yet stuff that so many people still don’t have - and may never possess. My God gives me so much and it’s time to praise him for all he’s done for me.

This is #100ThankfulWeeks to praise Him. I’m sharing one simple thing I’m thankful for each week. And I encourage you to swipe the idea and make it your own. And if you let me know when you post or what hashtag you use, I’ll be happy to share your posts. Because there can never be to much thankfulness.

Week 2: Nieces and Nephews

Incredible bundles of energy. Fearless love. Indomitable hopefulness.

Every time I see one of my little nieces or nephews, I’m in awe of their energy and enthusiasm for everything around them. Their happiness at the tiniest, simplest things. Their fearless confidence in their parents. And their unconditional love for the people around them. Even for uncles who forget birthdays.

I’m blessed with nine amazing nieces and nephews - and two honorary nephews. When they smile and take my hand, it’s impossible not to smile back. And feel joy. When they beg, “Can you come and play with me?”, it’s impossible not to discover new energy to join them. And when they say, “I love you,” - the whole world gets a little brighter and a abundantly more hopeful.

Nephew's Birthday Party

My nephew beams at me after finding his new treasure - a simple, unimportant beetle - and suddenly I realize how unimportant all of my possessions really are. My niece bursts into uncontrollable laughter as I push her higher on the swings, and I’m reminded of all the reasons I have to laugh - and how incredibly happy I should be. And when my bald-headed niece grips my hand to take a trembling step forward - despite chemo exhaustion and stroke paralysis - all my personal hurdles are suddenly light and insignificant. And I’m overwhelmed with courage and hope.

These kids are amazing yet so often I take them for granted. I forget how incredibly special they are. In fact, a couple of them I haven’t seen for over two years. And despite best intentions, I always seem forget birthdays. That has to change. Because my nephews and nieces are incredible gifts and I’m so thankful for all they bring to my life. Thank you, God, for the love, hope and encouragement these amazing little faces bring every day. Thank you for making me an uncle so many times over. And now help me share this love, hope and encouragement with them every day of their lives.

Do you have any nieces or nephews, honorary or otherwise? And how to you keep track of their birthdays?


  1. Yup. Can't live without them. ;-)

  2. Kayle (The Cooking Actress)June 11, 2014 at 3:59 PM

    awwwww what little sweeties!!


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