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You’ve heard of #100HappyDays? Well, I stole the idea and adapted to fit my blogging schedule.

Every day is filled with reasons to be thankful. And yet the majority of my day isn’t spent being thankful. That’s got to change. God sent his son to save me - HUGE reason to always be thankful. And I’ve been freed to live a new life through Christ, released from fear, doubt, shame and self-reliance, equipped with love to serve others and blessed with all kinds of daily tasks and jobs to express my love. And that’s just the big stuff.

How about all the amazing little things each day? The simple, everyday stuff. The stuff I totally take for granted and just expect to be there. And yet stuff that so many people still don’t have - and may never possess. My God gives me so much and it’s time to praise him for all he’s done for me.

This is #100ThankfulWeeks to praise Him. I’m sharing one simple thing I’m thankful for each week. And I encourage you to swipe the idea and make it your own. And if you let me know when you post or what hashtag you use, I’ll be happy to share your posts. Because there can never be to much thankfulness.

Week 19: Apples

Really, I could pick a bunch of different fruits and be thankful for all of them. But because it’s autumn and the leaves are changing and pumpkins are everywhere, apples are the fruit that come to mind first. And they really are an amazing fruit despite their humble appearance.

Apples are balanced in terms of fiber and sugar - so a handful of fresh apple slices won’t sugar-shock your bloodstream. Apples are also low in calories, nutritious and excellent at filling one’s rumbly tummy. They’re even delicious to eat raw - firm with a little crunch, sweet and just enough juice for each bite. Unlike some fruit (say pineapple), apples are also super-easy to eat on the go - no prep required, no mess to clean up.

And just to make the humble apple even more amazing, there’s a huge variety of flavors and textures. My favorite is HoneyCrisp, but why stop with just one? Gala, Fuji, Braeburn, Cortland, Golden Delicious, Macintosh, Granny Smith, Jonagold - something for whatever the picky palette is craving. Most of the time, this huge variety is also relatively cheap.


Yet I rarely give this cheap, common fruit a second thought. And when I do, it’s because the apple is too tart, too mushy, too tasteless, too green, too warm - or the wrong color. While I’m fussing over my not-quite-right apple, there are still people who don’t have access to even one kind of apple. Or any fresh fruit period. They’re surviving off whatever they can buy at the closest gas station (because that’s as far as they can walk). Or off soup kitchen handouts and restaurant dumpster-diving. Or off care packages of canned and boxed staples. Selecting a fresh, unspoiled apple would be an unaffordable, unattainable luxury.

Thank you for the amazing variety of apples, God, and help me to be grateful for every luxurious bite. Keep me from grumbling over texture and taste and remind me to be grateful no matter what the variety. Motivate me to find ways to bring this abundant fruit to others - instead of obsessing over locating that perfectly illusive locally-grown, organic apple specimen.

What's your favorite apple variety?


  1. Jean | DelightfulRepast.comOctober 8, 2014 at 8:02 AM

    My favorite depends on what I'm making. Right now, for out of hand eating, we are going through a big bag of Fujis. For pies and crumbles and such, I like a Granny Smith - Golden Delicious combination.

  2. Apples are such a great thing, aren't they? Lately we've been eating a lot of Golden Delicious, which are far, far better than regular Delicious apples.

  3. I love Fuji apples, Jean. They're a lot easier to come by most of the year and when I can't get Honey Crisp, I often go for Fuji instead. I've never tried a Golden Delicious/Granny Smith combo for pie - I need to try that...

  4. I do love the flavor of a really good Golden Delicious. Red Delicious are a bit mushy for me - although I should be so fortunate to have the choice. If there are other "Delicious" varieties, I haven't had the opportunity to try them yet...

  5. Good Afternoon to you, I am so pleased to see you are encouraging friends to make home made croutons. As you say, there is no comparison to the pre-packed croutons which are sold. I love homemade croutons and have made them for many years. I think it goes hand in hand with my need not to waste food.
    I have to tell you, I have been known to eat the odd one or two straight from the pan.... alright a few more than one or two!
    Best wishes


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