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You’ve heard of #100HappyDays? Well, I stole the idea and adapted to fit my blogging schedule.

Every day is filled with reasons to be thankful. And yet the majority of my day isn’t spent being thankful. That’s got to change. God sent his son to save me - HUGE reason to always be thankful. And I’ve been freed to live a new life through Christ, released from fear, doubt, shame and self-reliance, equipped with love to serve others and blessed with all kinds of daily tasks and jobs to express my love. And that’s just the big stuff.

How about all the amazing little things each day? The simple, everyday stuff. The stuff I totally take for granted and just expect to be there. And yet stuff that so many people still don’t have - and may never possess. My God gives me so much and it’s time to praise him for all he’s done for me.

This is #100ThankfulWeeks to praise Him. I’m sharing one simple thing I’m thankful for each week. And I encourage you to swipe the idea and make it your own. And if you let me know when you post or what hashtag you use, I’ll be happy to share your posts. Because there can never be to much thankfulness.

Week 22: Bible

Can you believe this book is free? And free in multiple translations? In fact, anyone who is online reading this has free access to multiple translations of the Bible. And not just in the translated English but in the original languages, Greek and Hebrew. For free, any time, from any location. Thats pretty amazing stuff.

Of course, there are plenty of places without internet access. There millions of people who don’t own or even have access to a computer. And despite the invention of the printing press over 500 years ago, there are STILL people who don’t have access to even a printed copy of the Bible. And then of course there are the millions who can’t read - which makes a printed Bible unreadable.

Me however, I’m blessed with a physical printed copy, an app for my phone and internet access to as many translated versions as I could possibly want. And I can read. Which makes me very privileged in a world where millions are still without even one of these options.

Yet despite my privileged position, I still often don’t want to read the Bible. Because I’d rather be cooking or swimming or watching TV. Or I don’t want to read because I’m afraid of what I will find. In myself, in what I’ve done or in what I haven’t done. And sometimes I don’t want to read because I’m afraid of what I’ll be compelled to do. What I’ll have to give and give up.


I’ve got a cushy life in my comfy apartment surrounded by all my luxuries like a bed, toilet, kitchen, computer and running water. And sometimes it just feels like the Bible is going to throw a monkey-wrench into all this awesomeness. There’s all the verses about judgement and condemnation, the fiery wrath and swarms of locusts. All the laws, all the punishments, all the rules and regulations. And I start to dread the Bible and fear what’s coming next. Especially when the status quo is working just fine…

Except all that fear is really just the absence of love. Because love doesn’t come from fear of fire, judgement, laws and condemnation. It’s the result of faith in my Savior and what he has already accomplished for me. And that love drives out fear. Because Jesus has already saved me from fire, judgement, laws and condemnation. And if Jesus frees me from all that stuff, then I am free.

Jesus doesn’t abandon me either. He sends his Spirit so now when I read the Bible I’m not alone. He’s right there with me. He opens my heart to see the love and not just fire and brimstone. He shows me his unending love, his incredible patience, compassion, perfection, power and forgiveness. He encourages me, comforts me, motivates me and and reminds me of my complete dependence on him. He will never leave me, never break his promise and never write me off.


And yet there are still days I want nothing to do with the Bible. While millions go without even the option to read the book.

Thank you for giving me your word, God, and encourage me when I’m afraid. Pull me back to you and remind me of your love. When I’m tempted to view reading as an obligation, help me to remember that reading the Bible isn’t what saves me. When I’d rather ignore your word entirely, remind me how much I really need it - and that I don’t face it on my own. Continue to encourage and motivate me, and please open new doors and opportunities to bring the Bible to those who still don’t have access.

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