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You’ve heard of #100HappyDays? Well, I stole the idea and adapted to fit my blogging schedule.

Every day is filled with reasons to be thankful. And yet the majority of my day isn’t spent being thankful. That’s got to change. God sent his son to save me - HUGE reason to always be thankful. And I’ve been freed to live a new life through Christ, released from fear, doubt, shame and self-reliance, equipped with love to serve others and blessed with all kinds of daily tasks and jobs to express my love. And that’s just the big stuff.

This is #100ThankfulWeeks to praise Him. I’m sharing one simple thing I’m thankful for each week. Because there can never be to much thankfulness.

Week 33: Prayer

There’s all kinds of prayers. All kinds of ways people pray. There’s all kinds of places to pray and all kinds of requests. Just like there are all kinds of people.

“Help me.” That’s a really simple prayer. And there are millions who are probably praying those words right now. For all kinds of different reasons, in different places. The kid about to be bullied. The cop about to investigate a domestic incident. The student stuck on an exam question. The basketball star about to make her shot. Or me, trying to find words to write.

There’s all kinds of stuff written about why we don’t get what we ask for when we pray. And there are a lot of skeptics with probing questions. Like, if prayer works, then why are there starving people? And if prayer works, why are people dying of cancer? Why do murderers and rapists get off scot-free? In fact, if God really can help, why isn’t he?

Help Me

I don’t know. But I do know this: if you believe and trust God, prayer is powerful. God isn’t a jackpot slot machine with a prayer lever. He’s not a vending machine where you pay for what you want. And he’s not a genie chained to our demands. He’s God and he loves us. Not just when we’re good and when we’ve gone to church, read the Bible, fed the poor and helped our neighbor. He always loves us and always wants to help us.

But believing that is hard. Because what about those starving people? Why isn’t he helping them? And what about those people with cancer? And the murderers and rapists? I don’t know. And I really, really wish I did. But believe anyway.

I could try to convince you to believe by telling you about my niece who is recovering from cancer and how there’s now no sign of the brain tumor. I could tell you about my brother who found a job after 6 months without work. Or about my mother-in-law who came through two successful knee surgeries without any complications. Or my sister and how her family returned safely after 3 years in Singapore. I could even tell you about how the rain on our wedding day stopped and the skies cleared just in time for the outdoor ceremony, photos and dancing. I could tell you about all those things but what does any of it prove? Coincidence, luck of the draw, good timing?

Either I believe he loves me and will help me, or I don’t. Either I trust him and his will, or I don’t. I could spend my whole life pondering the great unanswerables and trying to prove his power - and what will I have gained? Prayer isn’t effective because I follow some formula or manage to disprove every skeptic. Prayer is effective because I trust in God who loves me. And helps me.

Now if only I could remember to say, “Thank you.”

If you ask someone for help, do you have trouble accepting it? I'm terrible at this. And I'm not very good at asking for it either...