Love note to my breadmaker

dear Breadman Pro breadmaker,

you transform bread-making into a simple 10-minute task that allows me to spend more time with the people i love, cooking meals, baking cakes, and doing yard work. you're easy to please, happily ignored, and unselfishly giving. thanks to your efficiency and self-sufficiency, i am able to bake bread for every day (although i rarely do) and i am able to share warm slices of bread with my bf on whim without ever interrupting our together-time. yet you're never jealous, ever patient, and reliably constant.

you have saved me from preservatives, transfats, processed sugars, wasted plastic bags, and wasted transportation and storage costs. you have filled my kitchen and house with delicious aromas. you even make it easy for me make a quick and healthy sandwich from scratch.

for all these reasons and more, i love you. i love your simple, customization-friendly recipe book, your easy-to-use push-button interface, your provided measuring utensils, your tiny metal paddle and your efficient heating element. i love your "start delay" features and your "keep warm" feature. i even love the sounds and beeps you emit while creating my bread for me.

thank you for everything and never doubt my gratitude and love. you complete me.